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September 2005 Score

For a big-chested beauty such as Luma, we're ready to pack the suitcase, something that most publishers wouldn't do in a million years. But we'll travel the world for the right bumper babes. That outfit Luma is wearing in this private garage in Rio, Brazil fits her body like a second skin. Now and then, she does ride motor scooters like this one around town (although the model in this pictorial is a working antique). Since the thought of Luma taking a spill while driving the thing scared the crap out of us, we opted to just have her sit on the bike in various picturesque ways. During another trip down to South America to see Luma, she told us the following: She loves to go dancing (since she's Brazilian, that was easy to guess), she watches mostly MTV, her favorite actor is Antonio Banderas, her favorite actress is Sandra Bullock, her favorite food is pasta, favorite drink is champagne, favorite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo (why that one, she didn't say) and her favorite rock…
Featuring: Luma
Duration: 55
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