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"This is my own bikini I wear in the pictures," Luma emails from her home in Brazil. "I have more in this style. I wear them at the beach. Believe me, this is a lot of material for a bikini in my country. Most girls wear what looks like strings! It was too crowded to take such sexy photos at the beach. People would have gone crazy and there would be trouble. We made this in the garden of the man who introduced me to SCORE." Do you believe this goddess eats at McDonalds? Luma gets tons of compliments from male beachgoers...but females are always hating on her. Depending upon how Luma dresses--and isn't that always the case?--she can get a lot of dirty looks from women. You wouldn't think that would happen in major cities in Brazil. As a tour guide, Luma dresses fairly conservatively if comfortably for the tropical humidity and heat. Fortunately, Luma's self-confidence is strong and she has few insecurities. If Luma wore this bikini at the beach in America, she'd need bodyguards...or at…
Featuring: Luma
Date: May 28th, 2008
Duration: 90

Member Comments

10 months ago 
OMG that girl has some HUGE perfect tits!!! :)
6 years ago 
Luma is the perfection of a busty pretty sexy girl!!!!! Please
we need more of Luma!!!!!
7 years ago 
Luma, you are beautiful and charming in anything you wear. You have given us so much to admire and be grateful for. You have a timeless beauty. My Portuguese isn't very good but "eu vos agradeco, Luma".
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