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Lucy in Polish Brick House

The SCORE team met Lucy in Munich during a model-search roadtrip. We liked Lucy off the snap because she has big, packed, solid-looking tits with prominent veins and very smooth areolae without the raised bumps called Montgomery's Tubules that many girls have. We also liked Lucy because she listed Al Bundy as her favorite Hollywood actor. (Al was the boob-magazine loving slob-husband from the TV show Married With Children played by Ed O'Neil.) Lucy has a tattoo of Bugs Bunny on her shoulder which seems appropriate with liking Al Bundy. Al would have liked Lucy...a lot. When Lucy was growing up, she played soccer and swam on a national team. She wore a sports bra so her boobs didn't fly all over the place as she ran all over the field. These days, all-grown up and a strapping, lusty woman, Lucy owns a tanning salon but wanted to try making sex videos just to see if she liked the experience. She wears a bra during the day but does not sleep in one although she's read that big-boobed…
Featuring: Lucy and Neeo
Date: February 14th, 2009
Duration: 65
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