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November 2003 Score

The last time we saw Lovette [March '03 SCORE], she had a power tool in her anus and a flesh-n-blood cock in her pussy. This month, veer 180 degrees in the opposite direction with Lovette alone and nude on a terrace of a swanky, sparsely populated hotel. There's not even a fuck toy handy for Lovette to pleasure herself with. Shocking! Were people watching from other terraces? That's what our photographer thought about at one point. But he was too busy to be concerned about that.

SCORE: So you had a good time in Mexico.
Lovette: I had a great time. Out of all the photographers I've worked with, I really like Peter Wall the best. I think the reason the photos came out so good was because he made me feel comfortable with my body. A lot of photographers make you feel like if you're not 90 pounds, there's something wrong with you. Peter knows how to shoot a voluptuous gal and he knows how to make her feel confident and have her confidence come out in the pictures.…
Featuring: Lovette
Duration: 30
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