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Lovette On A Round Couch

Porn star Lovette boasts a videography that's as thick as the South Bend, Indiana phonebook. Her adventures in wild, commercial fucking began with two of the lowest filthmasters in porn, Dick Nasty and Max Hardcore. The fact is that we just didn't have a place for Lovette in SCORE until we saw her again at the Consumer Electronics Show in '98. We couldn't help but notice her spectacular boob job and the huge, beautiful tits she now flaunted in our face. Since that fateful day, Lovette has appeared twice in SCORE, July 98 and December 98 (which, coincidentally, has a Haley Hills set also). Here she cums again for #3, strutting her 44-25-35 stuff and teasing our cocks again. Since she's only 5'2" and weighs 131 Ibs, the impact of her giant boobs can't be stated in earthly terms. Please note her baldie. Very smooth. And also please examine her legs. They're awesome! Supershapely and muscular, they're limbs that end in the tightest, firmest butt cheeks. A few Lovette videos: Filthy…
Featuring: Lovette
Duration: 24
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