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Tits On Top

"My perfect day involves waking up early, seeing something I've never seen before, loving someone that makes me feel alive, drinking some tea, getting some ass, finding myself happy. And that's all I really care about...being happy," London Andrews said.

London has more than the touch of the poet about her. She drinks deep from the cup of life. "I'm not a passive person, and even less so in bed. I like to be on top, and most of the time, that means that I am making the first move."

In this P.O.V. XXX scene, London keeps her promise to stay on top as much as possible.

What plans does she have for the future? "I want to live in Spain, date a rich guy who wants to spoil me, write a book or make a documentary, go to the Sundance Film Festival, visit the Bunny Ranch. There is so much to do."
Featuring: London Andrews and J Mac
Date: February 19th, 2018
Duration: 55
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