Score November 2004

Score November 2004

LIZZIE: I don't wear panties.
SCORE: Ever?
LIZZIE: Never.
SCORE: Not even when you wear jeans or a short dress?
LIZZIE: Never.
SCORE: How come no panties?
LIZZIE: I just don't like wearing them. They're not comfortable. Bras I
wear all the time. They're sexy. I like cute, lacy, push-up bras.
SCORE: You're pierced in several places?
LIZZIE: Two, actually three, but my ears don't count because everybody has pierced ears. My bellybutton and my...
SCORE: What do you call it?
LIZZIE: My hood.
SCORE: What do you call your pussy?
LIZZIE: My girlfriend.

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Featuring: Lizzie Mills
Duration: 28

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