November 2002 Score

November 2002 Score

Shoot #2 for Lizzie Mills, looking mighty cute in her go-to-school duds. But there's little time for studying. More important matters must be attended to first. Like pleasure. Our pleasure. Good girl.

SCORE: How often do you have sex?
Lizzie: At least once a day.
SCORE:How important is sex in your life?
Lizzie: Not that important, if I don't have sex, I'll still get myself off.
SCORE: What is your favorite position?
Lizzie: Doggy style with deep thrusts, his hands squeezing my butt.
SCORE: Do you and your partner ever use toys during sex?
Lizzie: Yes, I have to have my vibrator.
SCORE: What is your least favorite position?
Lizzie: On top. Most girls love it but I'm different.
SCORE: Which position do you use most often?
Lizzie: On bottom or doggy. I like it rough, by the way.

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Featuring: Lizzie Mills
Duration: 83

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