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Lisa In The Garage

Put lovely Lisa Marie in any kind of female beauty contest and she's almost sure to be the winner. The fact that she came in third place in SCORE's 1998 Newcomer of the Year voting should give you an idea of how stiff the competition was (to say nothing of how stiff our readers' johnsons were). But for this gorgeous Brit, there's no shame in narrowly placing behind winner Haley Hills and runner-up Autumn (both of whom are also featured in the May '99 issue of SCORE). No, Lisa was simply thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath with these fellow D-cup delights. Says this uncommonly humble cutie, "I was surprised I was even in the contest." Sexy, down-to-earth and blessed with a body that won't quit-if Lisa Marie's not a winner, we don't know who is!
Featuring: Lisa Marie Greener
Duration: 16
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