Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous October 2006

Voluptuous October 2006

Archimedes didn't have the pleasure of having Leah-Jayne around when he formulated his theory of floating bodies in his bathtub. But it's said he wasn't much of a boob man anyway. In August '06, Leah was sticking her boobs into a bucket of water for British radio station Kerrang! Seems Tim Shaw, host of Kerrang's nighttime Asylum show, had some vital physics testing he needed to do, strictly for scientific reasons, of course. It had nothing to do with Leah being a titty-star and all that. Can't say that we blame him. Leah-Jayne's birthday is October 10th. Feel free to email her (leah_jayne at birthday greetings and compliment her on her birthday suit. It's a nice one.
Featuring: Leah Jayne
Duration: 40
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