August '01 Score

August '01 Score

Lacey is still an active bodybuilder and lap dances five nights a week at Olympic Garden in Las Vegas. Boob Beat columnist Elliot James lived in Vegas for years and he would get his ration of lap dances from Lacey on a regular basis. "After a number of Lacey lap dances at O.G., as the club is called, I'd have to pack my balls in ice," said Elliot. "At times, I considered having SCORE Editor-in-chief John Fox just sign my paychecks directly over to Lacey. Expedite matters, you might say." A bloated testimonial, if we ever heard one. The Man Show on Comedy Central recommends you not wear any underwear when going out for lap dances. We disagree and advocate wearing boxer shorts. Without underwear, the tender skin of the hardening penis could suffer zipper burns as a lapper like Lacey grinds her ass against your sensitive crotch. (And if you're lucky, she'll rub her titties on your lap too.) Boxers are better than briefs since the penis needs room to expand, and briefs are constrictive.…

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Featuring: Lacey Legends
Duration: 30

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