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Virgin Ass

"Every guy loves doggie style," Kitana said about anal sex. She's offering her opinion about what she believes to be a guy's favorite position when he's sliding his joystick into a girl's ass.

"You get the right get to see it [Kitana touches her butt], you can also pull [the girl's hair]. So I think that would be the best position for anal." Photographically, it's the best position also, although sideways and girl-on-top with her back to the guy looks pretty damn hot too as you'll see.

If a girl's going to give you her back, this is exactly the kind of back you want. And that booty Kitana can be proud of was meant to be spanked and squeezed. She drives guys crazy when she makes it bikini time on South Beach.
Featuring: Kitana Flores and Carlos Rios
Date: October 10th, 2018
Duration: 80
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