Show-stopping Super-Naturals of the World: Kira Liv

Show-stopping Super-Naturals of the World: Kira Liv

Kira Liv can claim her throne as a royal in the world of big-bust naturals.

Born in Ukraine and living in Germany, Kira is multi-lingual. She speaks German, English, Spanish and Russian.

Kira's found her calling in the modeling world. Once again, an Eastern European in the tradition of Demmy Blaze, Molly Evans and Cheryl Blossom has taken the lead in the international big-boobs race, leaving the USA in the dust.

Kira lists golf as one of her interests and says she works out three or four times a week. She likes to wear Latex and leather and attends fetish parties in Prague and Berlin.
Featuring: Kira Liv
Date: April 8th, 2023
Photos: 100

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Member Comments

8 months ago 

Wow, so oh pretty in pink and snazzy in sea green three piece lingerie sets, I am not surprised Kira has opted for porn in showing off her huge natural assets including that pretty pink pussy, being a Capricorn she is not only linguistic in many languages, she will know doubt be ambitious, focused, sophisticated, but also utterly sensual explaining her love of second skins such as latex, leather, lace and attending fetish parties in Prague and Berlin the European capitals of decadence. My fetish is for busty Kira and gorgeous girls like her.

8 months ago 

Kira the Ukrainian is so very sexy and desirable, as she shows total feminity dressed to please in an erotic three piece sea green bra stockings and suspenders, her luscious looks, huge bouncing boobs and pretty long slitted pussy that could easily house two cocks, she has not done a xxx hardcore girl guy scene yet and really hoping that she will, as once she has tried it out, Kira may want to do more, fucking is so highly addictive for both sexes and she will certainly acquire even more followers and graduate to becoming a top scoreland xxx porn star, i live in hope. Thankyou Kira.

9 months ago 

Wow! What a gorgeous and drop-dead sexy woman. An instant hard-on from the very start, and can only imagine how much more erotic she would be in a tight and revealing latex outfit she would be I can't wait to see that!

10 months ago 

She is a Great Addition! Lovely Busty Kira

10 months ago 

Kira's breasts are spectacular, not just for their size, but for their fullness and shape.
Much more, please.

10 months ago 

All natural and Beautiful!

10 months ago 


10 months ago 

She is the best !!!!

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