Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous December 2006

Voluptuous December 2006

Kelsey is a discovery of one of our longtime European photographers. Kelsey has a cherubic, pretty face (like a face in a painting by Rubens) and a killer body. Her stats are 5'4", 136 pounds and 42-29-36. Her birthday is August 30th. "My breasts are real," Kelsey said before this photo session began. "When I was 16, they grew big. When I would dress for school, I would wear a strong brassiere to hold them tight so they would not shake so much when I walked. My teachers were women. I did not have male teachers until I was in university. When I would walk home, men in the street, truck drivers and taxi drivers would make propositions and whistle at me. I just ignored them. I would not get into their trucks. I knew what they wanted me to do. Even today, they still make comments when the weather is warm and I am walking. I do not take offense. It can be flattering if they say nice words, not sex words. Once a friend with me had a quarrel with a driver because of his comments. A policeman…
Featuring: Kelsey Konicki
Duration: 90
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