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Kelly On A Chair

Kelly's a housedancer who works at different clubs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The famous Brass Rail, where Tiff Towers often dances, is one of them. SCORE photographer Peter Wall needed a break from staring at tits all day long, 6 days a week, so he booked an Alaskan cruise this past fall. Actually in the back of his mind, he wondered if he might have a chance to igloo with some busty Eskimo broads. The ship sailed from Vancouver, BC, and while Peter waited for the trip to start, that compulsive addiction to big tits gripped him like a smoker without a cigarette. He wandered into a nearby topless joint to satisy the urge. There he spotted Kelly sitting with an older lady, who turned out to be Kelly's mother and a former burlesque dancer in the 60s. Mr. Wall was suitably impressed with Kelly's stacked chest and shapely figure, as well as her pretty kisser. In no time at all, he whipped out his card and asked her to call him when he got back to the Miami office. Many times they never…
Featuring: Kelly T.
Duration: 20
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