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January 2002 SCORE

Like so many new SCORE models the past year, Kelly was introduced to SCORELANDERS first on New Discoveries, and to video viewers in Busty Dildo Lovers. She's only recently gotten into men's magazine modeling after working in the corporate sector. We enjoyed having Kelly as a SCORELAND guest. She was a lot of fun, down-to-Earth, friendly and good spirited.

SCORE: I would imagine a lot of guys, when they're going up to a woman who looks like you, they'll start giving you lines. Are you thinking that this guy's really interested in you, or really just interested in your boobs?
KELLY: I tend to always think the guy's interested in me at first. And then as the conversation goes on you usually figure out if it's about the boobs or about you. I try to keep fairly open because you never know what angle they're coming from.
SCORE: How do you figure that out?
KELLY: Well, usually if they try to keep it more on an intellectual level. I mean, if they start with the sexual innuendo, you…
Featuring: Kelly Madison
Duration: 115
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