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A shoot from the upcoming video Busty Dildo Lovers. Guess what this video's about. It stars Cindy Cupps, Lovette, Lacey Legends, Londa Eve, Hope and busty dildo loving special guest, Kelly Madison, as the fantasy nurse you see before you today. You're probably wondering what the hell is going on here. Well, there's this "squirting" dildo attached to this man-nequin and Nurse Kelly goes and...

SCORE: You're doing your first video today [Busty Dildo Lovers] and it's going to be solo. Any toys?
KELLY: Absolutely. In fact, I even brought some of my own toys with me in case you donıt have enough for me here.
SCORE: Do you masturbate in your private life?
KELLY: I masturbate a lot in the shower.
SCORE: Why the shower?
KELLY: It's extremely private. It's kind of like my time for myself. I started masturbating in the shower when I was really young and just sort of kept it as a part of my life.
SCORE: And what do you do?
Featuring: Kelly Madison
Duration: 34
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