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Score June 2006

"When is Kelly Kay going to take her damn panties off?" groused R.S. in a rant about Kelly in September, 2004. "Her embarrassed clothed virginity is getting tiresome. She's got a great body, but I want to see the whole package and it's getting annoying seeing the self-conscious way those panties stay on in every shoot. What is it, four now on Scoreland?" Nearly two years later, everyone hopes that R.S. is experiencing a higher degree of emotional satisfaction now that Kelly has expanded her boundaries to spreading her totally gorgeous pussy, sticking in a finger or two, and playing around with toys. Panties be damned! Full speed ahead! But don't forget one thing, R.S. It's always going to be all about the boobs here.
Featuring: Kelly Kay
Duration: 40

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3 years ago 
Very georgous.
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