Nurse Kelly On-Call

Nurse Kelly On-Call

There have been many caring, stacked nurses at SCORE's medical clinic over the years. Angels of mercy with bodies built like brick houses and huge tits that enter an exam room before their feet do.

Autumn-Jade, Minka, Angelique, Cindy Cupps, Denise Derringer, Vanessa Y., Joana Bliss and more: the list is long and distinguished. Selfless humanitarians who will not stand by indifferently while men suffer the torment of blue balls.

Kelly Christiansen walks the corridors in her skintight, low-cut uniform while awed patients, orderlies and even doctors pay their respects when they see her pass by, tripping over wheelchairs and accidentally walking into elevator shafts.

Her mission: to heal the sick. Nurse Kelly progressed to head nurse quickly. Sperm sample extraction by hand and tit-fucking is her specialty and she also enjoys a pole ride when she has the time.

The patient you are about to see is clearly in need of an emergency brain transplant. This is beyond Nurse Kelly's…
Featuring: Kelly Christiansen and Alex Gonz
Date: October 1st, 2018
Duration: 95

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