Big Boob Photos » Houseboat: Lake Mead, Nv

Houseboat: Lake Mead, Nv

Here's Kayla on a houseboat floating away on Lake Mead, Nevada. Boobs ahoy, baby! Shiver our timbers! Minka is on the boat too. Probably in the galley raiding the refrigerator when this set was lensed. In her private time, Kayla finds the hours to spend with her new love, a black Road King Classic Harley motorcycle. KK bought this super-cycle in San Antonio, Texas, and when she can, she'll roar off down desert highways outside of town, sometimes with busty dancer friend and bike rider Kandi Cox, who's coming to SCORE for the Holiday issue. They may be she demons on wheels, but they're not wild ones, just pleasure cruisers. In her day-to-day routine, KK still drives a Suburban. When the subject is NASCAR, Kayla goes to the newly built Las Vegas Motor Speedway any chance she can get. You bet your fuel injector that she's a popular babe with the racers. They want to take pictures with her. It's been a while since we've seen Kayla in the flesh (September 2000), but we still stay in touch.…
Featuring: Kayla Kleevage
Duration: 25
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