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On Her Bed

Katie loves her husband, but lately she's been getting a little bored. She lives in Wichita, Kansas and works as an executive assistant. She met her husband at Wichita State University and has been completely faithful to him for seventeen years. And she doesn't plan on changing. She's a young thirty-eight. Katie is trying to make her life more exciting and wants to be more adventurous. That's why she's doing this pictorial. To prove it's definitely never too late for modeling. Not when she still has big ones and likes to expose 'em. Height: 5'4". Weight: 165 pounds. Measurements: 44-31-33, with a bra size of 38D. Send us your big breasted wives. We must have them. We'll return them in the same condition you sent them in, plus there will be a modeling check in her purse.
Featuring: Katie K.
Duration: 20
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