Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous March 2006

Voluptuous March 2006

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170
Measurements: 42-32-42
Bra size: 38G
Areola diameter: 2"
Shoe Size: 9
Hometown: "I was born in Irvine, Scotland so I guess that's my home - I moved around too much as a kid to grow roots anywhere."
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: "Reading, surfing the net, music."
Favorite TV shows: CSI
Favorite Music Groups: No Doubt - "Gwen Stefani is hot."
Favorite Books: Sci-fi and fantasy - "I'm a bit of a geek."
Favorite Nightclub: Any place with a good mix of music and people.
Favorite Recreation: Camping
Favorite foods: Cajun, Mexican and Italian
What brands of bras do you buy? "Goddess and Glamorize."
What style of bras do you buy? "They have to be lacy and pretty."
Do you need a fitting or can you buy bras off the rack? "I have to order mine from Lane Bryant. No stores carry my size."
When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts? "Usually. I don't see a reason to hide them."
When did your breasts begin to develop? "When I was 8 years-old. I was in a B-cup…
Featuring: Katherine James
Duration: 40
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