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Between Her Breasts

Kate Marie was about to make a special video for you on her laptop. Now that you're here with her, she'll do what she was planning to shoot. Prepare to fall in love...again! The approachable, pretty girl-next-door has a flawless body, big natural boobs and a kissable booty.

"No bra is better than a bad bra," says Kate from Chicago. Her breasts weigh 12 pounds. "There's no pressure on my shoulders. There's no hang from the straps. You can see the divots on my shoulder from the weight. It pulls, and the strap in the back pulls up. The surest sign that a girl is wearing the wrong bra is strap marks in her shoulders. Even a well-fitted bra still does leave marks because of how heavy my boobs are. It's unavoidable unless I wear a corset."

"She is so hot, and reminds me a bit of super big tit legend Lorna Morgan," says SCORELAND member Roberto.
Featuring: Kate Marie
Date: March 13th, 2016
Duration: 55
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