The StarBoobs Barista

Prepare to fall in love...again. And to also feel like having coffee and a Danish.

While our lovely and big-boobed cutie Kate Marie is working as a StarBoobs barista in this scene, she is actually a tea lover, and since she's from Chicago, city of countless sports bars, she likes drinking games.

"I drink Long Island ice teas, I drink wine, Irish car bombs. If I drink a beer, it's probably Guinness," Kate said. "There's a really good drinking game we play. It's called 'Straws.' You can have two or three or four people, and you all go to the same bar and usually you split up and you see who gets the most drinks for free, so you collect the straws from each drink. Then at the end of the night, you have them all collected and whoever has the most straws doesn't have to pay for drinks for the rest of the night. I've gotten ten straws. I won that one by a lot. Everyone else had a lot less."

Now, back to Kate's tea time. "I'm a very heavy tea drinker. I collect antique tea cups from…

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Featuring: Kate Marie
Date: January 30th, 2022
Photos: 135

Member Comments

1 month ago 
What’s so awesome about this hottie other than her killer rack, is clearly shown here.
Once she drops her thong, Kate still sitting there gives us quite the show.
Then still sitting there she just leans back and has an almost challenging look before finally standing up.
What confidence! For a naked woman, even a model, to give us a detailed tour of her privates knowing full well that the sight will be appreciated for years, and still maintain eye contact with the camera and smile. Mad respect!

Then she just nonchalantly leans back all relaxed, and almost seems to be challenging the camera for a moment.

Instant viagra incarnate!
1 month ago 
Makes me super hard! Nice big areola and GREAT vaginal look!
1 month ago 
Wow! I'd give her a triple shot with extra cream!
1 month ago 
Incredible body from head to toe.
1 month ago 
I love this sexy woman. Would like to see some XXX with her. Her tits are beautiful and what a nice pussy.
1 month ago 
AMAZING MODEL AND I MUST CONGRATULATE THE PHOTOGRAPHER he just included in this photo set a very important section. He put a lot of FULL BODY SHOTS, putting the camera just in the right altitude not to low like a worm view, not to high as an eagle view. He put the camera just like any human eye level will be. The camera was located in that eye level and that let us to see her just as if we were standing next to her watching her entire body but our eyes level with her eyes that is exactly how we see the world every day specially when we look to girls, by doing this we can admire her entire figure as beautiful as she is, with no distortion caused by a lower or too high camera angle. THIS SET IS THE PARADISE is showing her stunning beauty in full body shots, mixing frontal view, frontal 3 quarter shots, side profile view, back side view shots, just perfect I imagine if every beautiful model here at score can be captured as this photographer have done. I say this because normally they do not do it in this way they just do too low or too high and to me that makes too much distortion and I cannot judge her real proportions. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS SET. IT SURELY CAN BE A SAMPLE OF HOW TO CAPTURE THE BEAUTY OF THESE GIRLS WITH NO PERSPECTIVE DISTORTION.

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