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It's Hart Attack Time

We've gotten to know Karina better since the blog, Hungary For Hooters, hit SCORE editor Dave Rosenbaum wrote, "On our final afternoon at the mansion, we finally get around to doing something we had waited to do until the end of the week: measure Karina Hart's tits. 'I don't know if my breasts have gotten bigger around here,' Karina said, referring to the overall diameter of her chest, ' I think they have gotten bigger up here.' She pointed to the upper half of her breasts. 'You've gotten fuller,' we say. 'Yes. But the proof will be in the measuring'. When Karina debuted in Scoreland, she was an F-cup. And now? Her chest measurement is 41.5 inches. Under the ribcage, she's 29 inches (or 75 centimeters, which is right on the money because she wears a 75F bra). Using the standard calculation for breast measurements, that's 12.5 - 4 = 8.5, which is somewhere between an H and an I. For the record, Linsey at her peak was an HH-cup, which means Karina is in hallowed…
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: July 4th, 2008
Duration: 100

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7 years ago 
Karina is one of the most naturally beautiful women i've ever
laid eyes on. Scrumptious, Sexy & an Incredible body. It just
doesn't get any better.
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