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Score October 2007

"Good call on bringing back Kandy Cole," emails B.J.B. "Her second time posing was twice as good as her first time in January. She looked so fucking hot. Kandy is a fine lady." E.B. concurs: "Kandy Cole is one of your smaller models, but damn she's hot. I completely love her and hope you'll bring her back for more." S.S. reminds us: "Hot doesn't begin to describe Kandy. Abso-fucking-lutely incredible is more accurate. She has that fresh glow about her. Beautiful face, naughty smile, incredible body, and huge, natural-looking breasts (please tell me they're real) on that awesome frame. Definitely a keeper. Make sure she keeps posing and keep her away from the huge nails, overdone hair and make-up. Keep her fresh and healthy and looking like she could wet-nurse an entire maternity ward's worth of babies." While we wouldn't call Kandy's bra-stretchers "huge" as S.S. calls them, overall, she's a sexy number.
Featuring: Kandy Cole
Date: September 17th, 2007
Duration: 60
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