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Tube Station Tit-Tart

Jasmine Black waits in an underground tunnel for a commuter with a hard-on. Mr. Lang is on his way to catch his train home to his wife. When he sees Jasmine looking killer, all thoughts of anyone or anything but her evaporate. When she pops out her tits for his inspection, he knows that she's not a set-up for entrapment.

Once some unpleasant details have been disposed of, Jasmine takes him to an area where they will have privacy from other commuters and have room to fuck. Mr. Lang is especially interested in fucking Jasmine's tits and boring into her anus, an ass too sexy not to ravish and plunder. Our secret cameras recorded this babe's hook-up on-video, and let us tell ya, Jasmine was worth every penny of the divorce settlement.
Featuring: Jasmine Black and Nick Lang
Date: January 29th, 2018
Duration: 45

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