Tits & Tuggin' Double Play

Tits & Tuggin' Double Play

Christy Marks and Janet Jade. Two princesses of pulchritude. Lady Luck smiled upon this wretch and blessed him when these two tanked his crank.

"Your titties are beautiful!" Christy said to Janet. "So, we're down here in Miami, Florida. Do you like warm weather in Miami or are you a cold-weather person?"

"I love the warm weather, but I'm from Detroit where it's very cold, and I don't like that," answered Janet. "The warm weather is better. I get to wear less clothes, too, which is good. I don't like covering up my body so much."

"I bet every time you walk down the street, you get a lot of attention no matter what you're wearing," Christy replied. "It's gotta be impossible to hide your boobs! And another thing I like about you is you not only have beautiful tits but you have a beautiful ass."

"Thank you," Janet answered. "I've been told that. A lot of guys like my ass, but most guys mostly pay attention to my boobs."

And then they kneel before their target and tit-fuck and…

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Featuring: Christy Marks, Janet Jade, and J.T.
Date: January 30th, 2018
Duration: 55

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