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July 2003 Voluptuous

You may have read about the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, which means Wind and Water. It's a semi-occult study of the environment and buildings and how to control mystical energy patterns for health and wealth. Feng Shui is now trendy in the western world. Think it's foo-foo supernatural chic? So how come the casino bosses at the MGM in Vegas spent millions rebuilding a multi-million dollar "lion's mouth" entranceway when Asian gamblers refused to enter it? Even more interesting is new Chinese supernatural Jade Feng. Watching her suck cock is what we like to study. "I like to wear sexy clothes every day, and I like when people say nice things about me," said Jade, who told your nice-thing-saying editors that she would have inhaled our V-surrogate's dick for an hour but our photographers needed her to get fucked also. "People in China used to tease me about my breasts and make me feel self-conscious, but here in the U.S., everyone is so nice and likes my large tits." Are they…
Featuring: Jade Feng
Duration: 25
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