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British Milf J.J. basically posed to fulfill a personal ambition and to charge up her husband. "Our sex life was starting to get a bit boring. Not physically, mind you, but emotionally. I thought we needed more mental stimulation. When a couple's new, they are always all over each other. As time moves on, that naturally decreases. We had gone away several times on holiday and had fun. Strange hotels are good for that. But at home, we needed something to spice up the routine. He enjoys reading SCORE and I don't mind. I admire the girls and I like that a lot of them are British because I can relate.

"I'd gotten a boob job a few years ago, which he loves. I'm always buying sexy lingerie and stripper shoes. I've been a professional in the beauty business for a long time, training stylists. He's always taking sexy pictures at home. After talking to him for a few weeks, I decided to try out for a professional magazine and SCORE looked good. I sent in some snaps and waited. They…
Featuring: JJ Lane
Date: May 14th, 2008
Duration: 40

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8 years ago 
Lucky husband.
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