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What's a budding girl of Scandinavian stock like 21 year-old Isabella to do? Take off her bra. A professor at Sweden's Lund University advises young girls to not wear bras too early, because of the chance of creating low-hanging breasts. "Too tight a bra can lead to breasts that sink," warns the prof. "If natural movement is restricted by a bra that is too tight, it can affect the growth of elastic tissues that naturally support the breasts. Bras caused nipple height to sink slightly." He cites a French study of women from 18 to 25 that claims that the distance between a woman's nipples and the ground decreased in women who wore bras. He stressed that girls that are still growing face the greatest risk of negative side effects from wearing bras that are too tight. But he says that girls with large boobs shouldn't avoid bras entirely. "If you feel uncomfortable without a bra, you should use one, as long as it allows your breasts to move in a natural way." Isabella says, "I can't go…
Featuring: Isabella
Date: September 21st, 2008
Duration: 100

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i love the bra pictures
6 years ago 
i love the bra pictures
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more please
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She can come to my house, anytime!
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