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Ira On The Couch

So you want to be a SCORE Group photographer and shoot the girls with the big swingers? Take this simple quiz to see if you have the right stuff.

When you book a model on the telephone, you:

A) Get her physical stats, find out what she will do and won't do on the set, and if she has had prior men's modeling experience.
B) Breathe heavily into the phone with a slight touch of an asthmatic wheeze.
C) Beat off like a lunatic while you listen to her talk.

The correct answer is: A, B & C.

20 year-old Ira is looking better and sexier than ever in this new spread for us. Some V-Men might argue that Ira (Irina) could use a little more weight, properly distributed, but that's the roll of the genetic dice. The Kiev girl has learned how to model our way not only quickly, but beautifully, in just a few shoots. She's eager to learn, wants to do more, and jumped right into a fast and furious masturbation pleasure session for Russian Bra Busters. Some have compared her to Brit beauty Renee.…
Featuring: Ira
Duration: 27
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