Holly Garner's Hardcore Holiday 2

Holly Garner's Hardcore Holiday 2

SCORE editor Dave considered Holly Garner's move into boy-girl "The most surprising big-tit XXX debut ever." Remember, this is a girl who never showed her pink, never played with a toy or, until recently (with the great Molly Evans), never did a girl-girl scene.

What is also surprising is how soon it happened, compared to other SCORELAND super-stars.

Joana Bliss waited 18 years. "I can't just have sex right away...it can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection," Joana said.

Angela White waited eight years. "I've been modeling for a long time by myself or with just girls, so I'd like to try something new. I just think everything just came together at this one moment, so I decided it was my time. I feel ready."

Sheridan Love waited four years. "Guys had been begging for years to see me with a real cock so I finally did it for them."

Linsey Dawn McKenzie waited six years. "When I first started my career, I decided that I was going to take things nice and easy. In the beginning I was doing bikini work, then I moved on to topless only, then I moved on to nude, and we're talking about a year or so gap between all of these. So I went from topless to nude to magazine set to girl/girl to boy/girl."

Valory Irene, Karina Hart, Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps came close but never went all the way. Anastasia Doll came closer by adding a blow job to her tit-fucking scenes, but she may still surprise us one day

All of us were curious about Holly's reasons

SCORELAND: How is sex on-camera different from sex in your personal life?

Holly Garner: The first experience seemed completely different from ordinary sex. I always thought that people's facial expressions during sex don't look very aesthetically pleasing and I tried to relax my face, but I soon realized that I wouldn't succeed. The second experience was brighter. I think everything comes with experience.

SCORELAND: Do you think you'll watch your scenes?

Holly Garner: This is a very interesting question! I'm still in doubt, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to resist my curiosity.
Featuring: Holly Garner
Date: January 12th, 2024
Photos: 99

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Member Comments

3 months ago 

I thought fellow members should know why i voted for Holly in the best model category, not just for these hot guy, girl set of 99 pics, but mainly for her being so bold, courageous in doing hardcore and in having huge porn potential for even possibly eclipsing AW over the coming years.

3 months ago 

When I first viewed Holly last year she only bared her big boobs and thought that would be it, probably because she felt so self conscious appearing in front of the camera, however when a sexy girl visits a nude beach they tend to abandon their bikini briefs to the wind, I believe the sudden unexpected change in Holly was brought about by her flexible yet dirty curious mind that helped her to go for it, I believe that nude models problem regarding xxx porn begins in the mind, if they have a single doubt or trepidation they will never do it, however if they make a firm decision to do it, the body beautiful and soul will follow, so other solo nude models please follow Holly Garners lead, it will be a completely empowering, liberating sexual experience.

4 months ago 

I frequently wish I could jump out of my body and into the bodies of your male talent. But i've never felt that way more than I do when I watch Holly and her incredibly lucky boyfriend making love. What a goddess!

4 months ago 

Absolutely lovely!

4 months ago 

Hoorah for busty lusty long blonde haired Holly appearing in and experiencing her first hardcore xxx scene with a guy, I hope she has acquired a real taste and huge appetite for further hot fucks, she is an absolute natural it, like a duck taking to water, this is probably due to her being a naturally promiscous, bisexual pisceas star sign and, hopefully now hot fucking and sucking cocks will become a regular occurrence with her , as she is very voluptuous, aterrific temptress, sensational born porn star and her big boobs, lovely tight juicy shaved pussy will help empty many studs of their pent up lust on her boobs and in her mouth to drink down. Perhaps even this step will eventually lead her into swinging scene with right partner. Congratulations all round.

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