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Helena In Red

Your third look-see of this now 22 year Mexican-American stacker from San Diego, California, with previous appearances in our June '98 and February '99 editions. Her new hairdo and darker locks is much more complimentary than her debut 'do. She still has the pierced tongue. Our fearless editor seems to have reluctantly accepted the cold fact that Helena is a sugar-daddy guided missile who embodies the classic "show me the money" attitude of many dancers and models. Since our philosophy is "show us your major melons & pussy and here's your check," there is a sort of balance here. Helena goes for the dollars & airline ticket waving gents, which is cool if everybody gets what they want in the end, and in Helena's case, if they get to stick it in her end when on extended vacations in South Africa or France. Yes, the heartwarming realities of life. We do appreciate truth in advertising in contrast to the chickies who try to project that commercialized everyman's fantasy babe. Call us…
Featuring: Helena
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