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Bikini Star

Helen Star must knock 'em out when she puts on a bikini and walks around a pool deck. Every head must swivel in her direction. This girl is just phenomenal, like her little sister Erin.

"I like to see how guys look when I wear a bikini on holiday. Their reactions make me laugh. For some reason, everyone wants to talk to me and buy me lunch and drinks. I guess they must like me? My sister Erin gets the same reactions.

"I have many problems finding bikinis that fit and do not fall off my breasts," said Helen. "It takes me and Erin a long time to find swimsuits and other good quality clothes that fit and look good. My bras are usually not off the rack. Finding good bikinis for my kind of body takes a lot of time."
Featuring: Helen Star
Date: September 7th, 2017
Duration: 50

Member Comments

11 months ago 
Helen is fabulous in this set. She looks great in every photo and from every .
1 year ago 
she is like a dirty angel
1 year ago 
Every time I think the Score Group is going to exhaust the supply of gorgeous large-breasted models...along comes Helen. Udderly fantastic! What a body! My word, she is spectacular!
1 year ago 
Helen, I would take you bikini shopping anytime. I know just the place to go.
1 year ago 
Delicious girl
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