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Voluptuous Dressing Room

Heather Michaels. Ya know, many is the time when a popular SCORE and V-Mag cover model disappears from the scene, never to resurface publicly again. The staff thought this was the case with Heather. This is the first in a series of digital shoots by Heather's longtime photographer Tim Hammill. Now that the "new" Heather is back, we've had the chance to ask her about a few of her currently favorite things...

Favorite travel spot: Cancun, Mexico
Perfume: Joy
Movie: Notting Hill
Food: MacDonalds fries
Television: Friends
Magazine: TV Guide
Music: Rock n' Roll
Hobbies: Men -- all kinds. No preferred type.
Cock size: "Performance is more important than size but girth is good."
How often does she have sex: "As often as I can get it."
Favorite way to finish off a guy: "I give great head, you know."
Featuring: Heather Michaels
Duration: 75

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One word, ATHENA.
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