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Heather In The Bedroom

If you have been a Voluptuous reader since 1997, then you know who this babe is. Heather was one of the really big cannons at the close of the '90s with five V-Mag pictorials and two SCORE spreads, plus a sex scene in SCORE Xtra 2. In the summer of '99, Heather abruptly vanished off the boob radar screens and after the first year of her dropping out of the spotlight, we all thought she was another part of that passing parade, never to be seen again. It happens. Imagine our shock when she resurfaced a few months ago. Heather's photographer was also shocked. He'd given her up as MIA. Imagine the double shock when the 'new' Heather emerged with much bigger, phenomenal-looking titties and a fuller-figured frame. Compare this pictorial with her earlier ones, which is easy to do on SCORELAND. So where's she been? In her city of San Diego all along, just laying low it seems. Which is much less important than having her back in the magazine that put her up on that high pedestal as a…
Featuring: Heather Michaels
Duration: 30
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