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Harmony played volleyball in school. That must have been a fun sight...picture sitting in the bleachers watching Harmony wearing shorts and a tee-shirt...jumping into the air to return the ball. She loves sex on the beach...and also likes the drink. She's had one encounter with another girl. "I let her go down on me," Harmony remembered. "She had a crush on me so I let her live it out. But I love sex with guys. A girl can't replace that." Harmony is an assertive girl. "I think I'm a sexy girl. Guys are always coming on to me and staring at my tits. If I really like a guy, I'll let him know that I want to fuck. I don't play games and I don't like it when guys play games. I'll usually wait for a man to make the first move but if he's taking too long, I'll do it. I like guys who are really into fucking and can last a long time, not guys who want to cum and then take off without making me cum a few times. When a guy does that to me, I'll never call him back again. Pick-up lines can be…
Featuring: Harmony Heart
Date: May 15th, 2008
Duration: 60

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6 years ago 
I love HH, she is so naturally sexy and also very uniquely
beautiful as only a natural blonde can be. Pictures are
well taken and no jerk guy in there to ruin them. Although
full marks to the guy in the movie, better than most other
Score guys
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