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Holiday 2002 Score

Believe it or not, Harmony Bliss is a metalhead. She loves Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Queensryche, Judas Priest, and tons of metal bands we never heard of. We spend most of our free time pulling our chain to big-boob videos, not listening to music, going to concerts or watching MTV, which Harmony happens to hate at this moment because she feels they're anti-metal. She used to sing in heavy-metal bands in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles (in an all-female metal band). Harmony couldn't get a career going with the record labels so she moved into the big-bust modeling and stripping scene, where she's gotten a lot more recognition quicker than she ever did in the music industry. She still remains a diehard music fan. This is a girl Rob Zombie could put on a pedestal. And do weird things to.
Featuring: Harmony Bliss
Duration: 30
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