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October 2003 Voluptuous

The "could-be-Annie Swanson's-cousin" native of Prague, Czech Republic has no intention of quitting her job as a hair stylist to become a full-time model. "Most of the models in Prague are very slim and very beautiful. This I am not," Hana said. "I do not feel I could compete with these girls. Don't you agree? How many magazines would prefer me over these girls, besides your magazine Voluptuous? Many photographers in Prague have said to me, 'Hana, you are short and heavy. Your breasts are too big to be a model. All the models in Prague are slim and tall.' So I do not have an intention of leaving my career as hairdresser. Modeling to me is something different. A diversion when I am feeling bored. There is no security in such a life. I still want to continue with my customers in the salon."

Is this the evil of boob prejudice at work in the eastern bloc of Europe? Probably not, but let's hope Hana doesn't get so discouraged that she drops out. We did try to make Hana understand that…
Featuring: Hana Cekova
Duration: 30
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