Game, Set, Tits

Game, Set, Tits

We guarantee that no tennis player in the world dresses as sexy for court action as Gianna. This is why Gianna wins every match she plays. No one can beat her. (Of course, taking on tennis champ Minka would be a different story.) A big-boobed Romanian tennis player named Simona Halep, recently underwent breast-reduction surgery but thank God Gianna hasn't succumbed to this syndrome. Gianna's experience in numerous porn videos has helped her tennis game too, y'know. The many guys she's stroked has built up her wrists and her hips and thighs have strengthened and gained stamina from all the fucking she's enjoyed. And if Gianna thinks she can't beat an opponent, she simply raises her top and dazzles him with her beautiful, big tits. Game over!

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Featuring: Gianna Rossi
Date: August 10th, 2009
Duration: 39

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