The Tight Blue Dress

Felicia Clover has the coed, sweet girl-next-door look. The apple pie, corn-fed look. No one would guess that 34F-cupper Felicia is one of the wildest girls to put it out there on-camera. If you showed her head shot to the man or woman in the street, he or she would never think Felicia makes pounding anal-sex videos. ("Head shot" in this paragraph doesn't mean a photo of Felicia sucking a cock.)

No, Felicia has a hot streak and she's sowing her wild oats now while the sowing is good. She's sowed them in lots of interesting locations too.

"I love public sex! So, of course on the long list of places that I have had sex is a classroom in my university! And that was actually quite fun because there were so many people walking around right outside the door the whole time. I was a straight-A student and I was on honor roll and in advanced classes. I took college classes in high school, too."

Sexy, busty and smart with ass-cheeks made to bury your face between. Felicia's got it all. She's…

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Featuring: Felicia Clover
Date: August 19th, 2013
Photos: 60

Member Comments

9 years ago 
I worship you Goddess!
10 years ago 
I believe Felicia is now my favorite Scoreland model.
Truly a cute & sexy voluptuous girl with a world-class ass that is second to none!
10 years ago 
please more photos of this delicious ass. but please with string!
10 years ago 
You've NEVER photographed a more PERFECT model! Hands down, she's ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EVER! She doesn't have a single feature that isn't 10+. ...want to talk about eyes, face, breasts, ass, thighs, hips...! There is not end to her perfection!
10 years ago 
I just love Felicia, always have. She has it all, looks body, attitude. I especially like the fact that she is not all covered up in tats. I think some of the models have ruined their beautiful body by putting to many tats on it. I can't tell if I'm looking at a beautiful naked woman or a comic book.

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