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Katie 2000

Or, you may remember her as Katie. A British cutie who sailed with us on Boob Cruise 3 in 1997 and was a lot of fun to be with. Always happy, always laughing, always tittering, always smiling, even with a banana in her mouth. We still recall the way she went up the staircase and down the staircase on the yacht. Over and over again for a full week. Remember her three-way with Carrie and Monique in March '97? What about that tongue tango with Vanessa in Dec. '98's issue? That was a studio recreation of that hot, on-deck scene she did with Vanessa on the Cruise, the one that had half the pasengers firing in their shorts. Some of those guys are still drooling over those snaps. Remember Fae's two other covers, August '97 and June '96, both with her trademark short hair style? Hah! We don't forget nothing around here. It's the birds, they're the ones who forget. This pictorial dates back to 1996, the year of Fae's debut, and it's so well done that we felt like reliving it again. She's got…
Featuring: Fae and Katie
Duration: 20
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