The "Cougar" may not fit Eva. Cougars are supposed to be aggressive and active in their search for younger dudes. Eva is passive and re-active. "Men approach me," she says. "In restaurants, in stores, in the street. I don't approach them. I'm really very shy. I don't even tell men that I posed nude and had sex with a man I only met once in the studio and never saw or heard from again. No one has ever recognized me from my magazines or from SCORELAND. What I don't understand is that when I was a young woman, I never got all this attention, not even from older men. I know what the English term MILF means and even though I never had a child, I don't mind being called one. I take it as a compliment." Pro-porn Englishman Marino (no relation to the former Miami Dolphins' quarterback), once again provides dick duty.
Featuring: Eva and Marino
Date: June 10th, 2010
Photos: 35

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Member Comments

3 years ago 

I want to see this video. It should be released on Score Classic.

3 years ago 

You should release a video of this one at least on Score Classics. Eva is a hidden gem, great juggs. Super Marino is such a boob hound, too bad he got old and retired. Please find someone who handles big titties like he did.

6 years ago 

Well perhaps hire private investigators in Germany and Poland to find out where Eva lives and how to contact her :) Come on guys don t give up so easily !!
What her lifestyle is like now (married or divorced) isnt so important. if she is interested ?? afcourse she is, everyone wants to earn money and have a carreer and fans and have some fun :)
And Polish ladies have a huge fanbase at Score :)

6 years ago 

@JT, Yes I agree with you ! I love to see EVA back for more hardcore stuff at Score !! I don t understand why its so hard to bring her back to Score ????

6 years ago 

Eva is such a great MILF. Wish there was video of this.

6 years ago 

So when do we gonne see more new stuff of EVA ????
Bring EVA back to do new hardcore scenes at scoreland and 50plus MILFS!! She is breath taking !! Love to see EVA do three-way with 2 young studs :))
Yes go bring her to your London studio Score team to make a few nice hardcore threesome or gangbang porn scenes. Or even better fly Eva over to Miami for some hot hardcore 3some (FMM) or GB scenes :)) It will be the BOMB !!! So what are you waiting for Score ??? Why is it taking so long to contact EVA ??
Find her & bring her back soon 4 more !!!!!

6 years ago 

EVA looks super hot!!! Find her & persuade her to do new hot scenes !!! indeed make it a priority!!! Show her the money and bring Eva to the studio !! She is a hot MILF and worth it!!! . Bring Eva back for more !!!!! EURO MILFS are so HOT !!!!!
Yes will be great to see Eva make her appearance at 50plusmilfs also :) !!!! Find her and bring her back soon 4 more hardcore please !!!!

7 years ago 

Wow, Eva looks great!!!Very nice pics. Love to see Eva back at Score at 50plusmilfs or Scoreland to shoot new videos. She looks great!! What a hot cougar :))))) I also would love to see Eva do 3some or GB with young white guys. I would like to see her do long doggy & long missionary &long reversed cowgirl on bed!!! I want to see them come in her mouth and juggs. Yes bring her please back for more !!!!!

13 years ago 

I'm so happy to see Eva fucking! But for her next set, I think you should pair her
with an 18-year-old guy, and have her portraying his teacher or his mom's
friend who likes to seduce boys.

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