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Erica In Bed

Our latest DANCER NEXT DOOR is Erica, a 27 year-old who looks younger than she is. Must be her job as a travelling lapdancer who makes the rounds of the South Florida topless bars. Great body, very sexy face. We can just imagine giving Erica our entire paycheck every Friday night in exchange for X amount of lapdances. Sorry, no discounts or 2 fers. A girl's gotta make a living and our purpose in life is to serve as human ATMs. Well, it's worth it. We don't really need to pay our mortagage this month. She's 5'6" weighs 121 lbs, measures 38-26-34 and wears a 34DD. Erica has no ambition to become a feature dancer. She's happy with the nightly laps and doing whatever she does in her personal time. Hopefully her boyfriend, if she has one, is not an unemployed musician. We are, however, grateful that Erica agreed to pose. More sex-packed lapdancers than you can shake a stiffie at are content to make their living in the clubs and could not care less about magazines. At least Erica is…
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4 years ago 
A beautiful young lady with a sweet smile.
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