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A Girl Who Loves Her Big Tits

"I love my eyes and my legs but my absolute favourite body part has to be my tits," Emily revealed to us. In many ways she reminded some of the staff of Australia's Angela White in physique and appearance.

"I had been modelling on and off, but I went finally decided to become a professional model. The men's magazine photographers in the UK are a very small community. They all know each other, and there are many guys who seriously do photography as a hobby, so week by week, more photographers took notice of me. One of them was a contributing photographer to The SCORE Group so that's how I first became a Voluptuous magazine model."

Emily buys Fantasie, Freya and Rigby & Peller brassieres and likes half-cups best of all the styles available. She watches adult videos, reads erotic books, and has even made love suspended upside-down.

"I learnt everything I know about blowjobs from watching porn videos. I am great at giving deep throat blowjobs. I love big cocks, the bigger, the…
Featuring: Emily Cartwright
Date: August 9th, 2007
Duration: 60
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