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Voluptuous Holiday 2004

Waking up with morning wood is a common situation facing boob men of all ages and backgrounds. What can be done? We're glad you asked, friend. The best cure is to have someone like Emily on standby to do a complete diagnostics, check all belts and drain the hose. Here Emily demonstrates how she personally takes things into hand when pleasuring a boob-dog. "I love sex in the morning. It really puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day. If I get an extra-good, hard fuck, I'm even happy for a couple of days." Once Emily is properly fucked in several positions, give her a few minutes of titty fucking and then a boob-coating of guy-gob as she asks in a breathy, pleading voice for your dipping sauce. You'd do well to oblige as this might help in future hook-ups. She's worth it.
Featuring: Emily Anderson
Duration: 40
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