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Floppy Jiggler

"Boys used to call me a whore and a slut," Emily said. "Just because I had big boobs. They would try lifting up my shirt. They would push me into a closet and try grabbing my boobs, while at the same time call me names. It didn't make any sense. Maybe people are intimidated by big boobs. I don't think I intimidate people. I try to be nice to everybody. I never really had a lot of boyfriends in high school. Maybe that was because I did have some long-term boyfriends. Now, I think every guy who sees them, their jaws drop. They like to touch them, play with them and do what you guys call titty fucking. And a lot of pulling, sucking and tugging on them. My nipples are extremely sensitive. I get like instantly wet. Instantly dripping. I get so wet just from somebody touching them or sucking on them. If the fabric rubs the right way on my nipples, I get hard in a second and really wet down there. They kind of move and jiggle when I walk if I don't have a bra on, so yeah, I guess you could…
Featuring: Emily Anderson
Date: July 23rd, 2008
Duration: 40

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2 years ago 
Love this girls nipples, like big dollar pancakes with little berries sprinkled around them.
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