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Go Go Gone

With this go-go-tronic outfit and hairstyle, Eden looks like she would feel at home in an Austin Powers movie. Where's the ray gun? Eden made it into SCORE back in July of 96. At the time she was a topless dancer in New York. Now she lives in Seattle, Washington and works as a computer programmer. We may photograph and write about big breasted models, but we never said we understood them. What can fingering a computer 8 hours a day do for her? Can a mess of wires and chips provide a hard lap to bounce up and down on? Can it lay a steady stream of $5 bills at her high heeled feet, before stumbling out of the club in a semi-alcoholic haze? Does it have eyes to visually massage her firm buttcheeks and ripe tits? Of course not. Why can't they all be like Lacey Legends, still stripping it off at age 52? Is that too much to ask? Now Eden's gone, walked out the door, and we're left all alone, except for this final sexy photo shoot, and the delusion that one day she'll email us: "I want to…
Featuring: Eden
Duration: 20

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