Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous July 2004

Voluptuous July 2004

Step up and brush against Eden. Whoa, nice shadayaim, as they say in Israel, and on an episode of the TV show Coupling. We've been looking for Eden for a very long time. Isn't that another name for paradise? And now we've brought her home to you. She's 20, born June 28th, 1984. Eden's 5'6" tall but she photographs much taller. She weighs 137 lbs. and measures an [expletive-deleted] 44-28-38. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, we found her in London where she was taking university courses. In advanced boobology, we believe. Based on the suspicion that Eden would book back home without warning like her countrywoman Petra Adamson, we have another photo set of Eden slated for publication in a future Voluptuous.
Featuring: Eden Mor
Duration: 40
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